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The DFG-Network “Confessions in conflict. Religious perception of self and others in the 17th century” intends to pursue the connections between medially and discursively expressed perceptions of self and others and subjective individual confessions in their early modern forms. It will illuminate the interaction of the act of confession and the formation of perception, and investigate its forms of realization and articulation in the 17th century. In this context the influencing factors of the Confession, as medially expressed, should be emphasized just as much as its impact through historiographical reception.

To this end we will take into consideration inter- and innerconfessional discourses between personalities and institutions of lutheran, reformed and roman-catholic provenance that are not only dealt with literary-journalistically, through theological treatises, or the writing of history, but also through media such as pamphlets, contractual texts, productions of church festivals and ritual ceremonies.

In this process a European perspective has been consciously chosen in order to sharpen the view for structural commonalities and differences, and with that to increase the scientific validity of the cooperative results of the network: case studies from France, the Holy Roman Empire, Italian territories and Eastern Europe should be comparatively brought together and discussed.

Accordingly, the network sees itself explicitly as an interdisciplinary project of junior scholars in the fields of theology, history, literature, art and music. It is the expressed goal of this cooperation to offer a framework for interdisciplinary and international exchange between researchers of various disciplines and nationalities whose research is dedicated to religious or confessional controversies or discourses of the 17th century, their form of articulation, their reception and the underlying configurations of perception.

Religiöse Wahrnehmungsformationen im 17. Jahrhundert

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